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I grew up in the Swedish countryside where my first lessons in arts and crafts started. At the age of 13 I started making my own clothes and also helped my father with his DIY projects.
After going to evening classes in weaving, woodwork, upholstery and silversmithing I finally went to art college and graduated from Plymouth College of Art and Design in 1999 with a B.A. (Hons.) in Applied Arts, large scale metalwork.
I have since earned my living as a taxi driver and started Anna's Taxis in Totnes in 2002. I used my earnings to travel extensively and I have visited museums and fantastic buildings like Acropolis in Athens, Greece and Borobodur , an amazing temple in Java, Indonesia, that is covered on all levels with relief panels carved in stone.

It was after my trip to Indonesia that I decided to learn stone carving so in 2013 I started going to Maria Moorhouse's classes in stone carving. I realised then that stone was the medium I love working in, after having tried virtually everything else. Slowly I built my skills and bought a set of hand tools. Eventually I arranged a space to work in my backyard. Even if I had started learning the craft as a child like they do there, I might never have reached their skill, but I enjoy trying.
Stone carving uses very simple tools. Different width chisels, a dummy hammer, 2 pillow cases filled with sand to hold the work in various positions, a small piece of old carpet laid on a steady work surface and off you go. 

Member of Devon Artist Network and South West Sculptors.

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Devon, England

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